Oh. My. God.

Dear USA, What the fuck have you done? You are not isolated - no matter how much some of you might like to think so. You've spent t...

Dear USA,
What the fuck have you done?

You are not isolated - no matter how much some of you might like to think so. You've spent the last century getting your fingers into everyone else's pie and doing everything you can to develop that "global superpower" reputation. Now we, the other 6.65 billion of us on Earth, are stuck with your recent miserable decisions.

Electing that morally bankrupt megalomaniac to the Presidency will cause everyone no end of grief.
Here's some of the possibilities.
I don’t think they’ll all come to pass.
I hope none of them do.
I fear at least a few will.
And some are bad enough to drag us back into the Stone Age.

The US and Russia have taken turns butt-fucking the Middle East Arab states for decades. Drumpf's legitimization of Islamophobia will just create even greater resentment in the Middle East for the US, and drive those countries into the waiting arms of Vlad the Impaler Putin. I expect Middle East oil to become much more expensive. I also expect more acts of anti-American terrorism, not just in the US, but globally. Both these effects will do significant international harm.

The increased price of oil will require more fracking in the US, further development of the Alberta Tar Sands, and new drilling in Alaska and other places that should be left well enough alone. And we all know no good will come of that. The price of oil will also increase US inflation, and put even more financial pressure on many workers and families.

Israel will be ever more between a rock and a hard place. If it continues to be “friendly” with the US, they will seem Islamophobic by proxy; and being surrounded by largely Islamic countries makes that extremely problematic. On the other hand, if Israel steps back from their relationship with the US, they will lose their greatest ally. Basically, the next four years (at least) will suck for Israel.

The internet - and the Web that sits on top of it - is rooted in the US. Fortunately, DNS services are becoming more and more international every year; but there is still a deep connection to the US. I expect several significant international outages or, even worse, hacks of major internet resources by various disgruntled pubescent hackers, and other nations eager to blame the US for everything from a weak economy to blackheads and gout. Hacks like we've already been seeing recently, only worse and more often. Of course, profiteering will run rampant too - for instance, the destruction of US net neutrality. In other countries, huge investments will have to be made to protect the internet and the Web, diverting funds from other, much needed social services.

A scandal will break showing a connection between James Comey and Vladimir Putin's regime. If not Putin, then the Koch brothers, or Rupert Murdoch, or some other comparably fetid sack of shit.

The resulting increase in mistrust of security institutions will cause even greater breakdown in civil behaviour, more rioting, more police violence, and, ultimately, even greater isolationism not only by the US as a country, but within states and even communities within the US.

In the meantime, the reputation of the US - one based on a certain stability that the US has fostered for decades - will take a substantial hit. This will start to undermine global security too, throughout every sector and industry. I even expect mainstream movies from other countries will start blatantly depicting antagonists and villains as Americans (much more than they already do). This will foster even more international ridicule and distrust of Americans - whether they deserve it or not.

Drumpf's tacit support of reprehensible anti-vaxers will lead to a drop in vaccination rates in the US that will significantly decrease herd immunity. Because these effects are highly nonlinear, even a small decrease will significantly increase the risk to health and well-being. A modestly contagious influenza will run the risk of turning into a pandemic, which could spread across the globe. Health care costs will spiral out of control in the US, especially after Drumpf eviscerates Obamacare.

Every shade of orange will fall out of style internationally. (Actually, this could well be one of the very few benefits of a Drumpf presidency.)

The US tourist industry will suffer significant losses. US-based airlines will lose business, which could well have knock-on effects in the aerospace business both in the US (e.g., Boeing) and internationally (e.g., Airbus).

US tourists abroad will encounter even more difficulties, leading to ever more strained international relations. There will be increased violence towards international diplomats from the US, and their staff.

China and Russia will begin acting with hostility towards one another because the US won't be there as a stabilizing influence. Russia will see the introversion of the US as an opportunity to expand it's sphere of influence brashly and quickly. China, on the other hand, will see it as a risk to the relatively stable, slow growth that is giving it the opportunity to catch up, economically, socially, and politically, to the rest of the world. Obviously, the two states will clash. Given the choice of the two, I'll be rooting for China.

Russia will try, through subterfuge and deception, to turn the US into a satellite state. China will stop them.

The European Union will fall apart completely under economic stress as the US economy contracts under Drumpf's typical mismanagement.

NATO will vanish because Drumpf's administration will be far less interested in collaboration with other military peacekeeping forces than pretty much any other US government in the last century. This will also provide an "excuse" for Drumpf to increase the US military's budget. Drumpf's hotels will offer discounts to travellers working for the military-industrial complex. Scandals will eventually break, based on information gathered illegal industrial espionage carried out in those hotels.

People all over the world with retirement investments that include US instruments will lose significant portions of their savings, jeopardizing their health and well-being, putting more stress not only on international economies, but also on healthcare systems in those countries.

The UN will move to another country, but it will become a shadow of its former self because Drumpf will use US funding of UN programs to pay for his daughters' boob jobs. This will lead to further decline in global health, well-being, and education, especially in developing nations. The resulting increased lack of security will lead to the rise of even more right-wing extremist groups and political parties worldwide. These groups will feed that popular insecurity rather than dampen it, just making matters worse.

In particular, other countries (such as UK and Germany) will likely veer right politically because Lady Liberty, their inspiration, will have been revealed to be a $2 whore.

At least one Scandinavian country will collapse (I suspect Sweden or Denmark) because it will try to remain a bastion of global social responsibility, but without the US's global influence, it will simply lack the critical mass to do everything it will seek to do.

Organized crime in the US and elsewhere will spiral out of control; one of the goals of those syndicates will be to pull US dollars out of the US. This will depress the US economy even further. In the meantime, the economies of Grand Cayman and other tax havens will improve dramatically. Local conditions will improve in those countries only for those connected to the financial sector, causing inequality to increase and leading to even more suffering.

Along with the mob, will come drugs. The American war on drugs will be completely abandoned. There will be no point in legalizing marijuana in the US; there will be so much of it, they won't be able to control it even if half the US population were agents of the DEA.

Iceland will have to close its borders due to immigration demands by people just looking to live in peace.

The Kennedy Center, the MOMA, and other significant public institutions will be turned into casinos owned by Drumpf's friends, or sold to Walmart. At least one major American architect will commit suicide because of how their work was "repurposed." No one else in America will notice.

The bottom will fall out of the US primary and secondary educational system (this is already being planned by Drumpf). But most Americans won't notice because they'll have been brainwashed by big media which is already manifestly corrupted to the core - e.g. the normalization of extremist, dictator thugs.

Impossibly tight immigration requirements will prevent Ivy League schools from recruiting top global students, undermining their global reputations.

Therefore, medical and scientific research will be set back decades due to defending of academia, resulting in a noticeable retardation in global scientific progress and a decline in overall human health.

Also therefore, many top US research universities will essentially move to other countries. (We're seeing this start already as many top schools open branch campuses and specialized schools in other countries - they're setting the ground work to move more and more of their activities out of the US because the US is becoming the land of Marching Morons.)

Race-based violence in the US will spiral out of control, turning most urban centres into war zones. (Groundwork for this is already happening.)

Violence towards women in the US will spike. Violence against men by women who simply refuse to be treated like chattel will also increase.

The number of incarcerated women will increase much faster than the number of incarcerated men.

Under Drumpfian mismanagement, the US will default on its international debt payments; effectively, it will become the new Greece, pushing the entire world to the brink of economic chaos.

The Occupy Movement (mysteriously absent during the election campaign) will reappear as a militia of sorts. Taking a page from the RWNJ playbook, they will try violence instead of peaceful protest. After all, Drumpf is in many ways the new face of the 1%. Drumpf will use the National Guard to quell their protests. Russians will giggle, thinking about 1917.

And don't just think that the responsibility for this rests on that cesspool of the GOP. Virtually every American is ultimately responsible for the mad dog you've got for a President now. It should have never gone this far. He should have never been allowed to be a candidate. He should have been put in jail decades ago.

And now he has access to nuclear weapons too.

You've just proved the "American Experiment" is an abject failure. The US is already pretty much at the bottom of every meaningful measure of societal success. So what do you do? You dig yourselves an even deeper hole.

I hope Drumpf decides to build a wall at the Canadian border. Hell, I'll help build it myself. Anything to keep you losers the fuck away from me. The stench of American rot is already so strong here in Canuckistan, I need to seriously consider emigrating to Australia or New Zealand. Fuck, Mars wouldn't be far enough away.

Well done, you fucking assholes. Hail fucking Hydra, cuz that's the next stop on your crazy train.

PS: I'm not the only one predicting Bad Times ahead - see http://recursed.blogspot.com/2016/11/what-is-coming.html for instance.



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The Trouble with Normal...: Oh. My. God.
Oh. My. God.
The Trouble with Normal...
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